Virtualisation replaces the need for multiple servers and allows you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. It gives you the ability to centralise administrative tasks while improving scalability and overall hardware resource utilization.  It also offers great disaster recovery opportunities compared to physical servers.


  • Resilience
    We specialise in building systems using the best storage and server hardware to ensure the best uptime for your systems.
  • Efficiency
    Dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in an organization.
  • Business continuity
    Specially configured local backups of VMs allow for very quick recovery on total system failure.
  • Cost
    Less hardware and reduced infrastructure administration will ensure you reduce your management costs.
  • Highly scalable
    Allowing you to add additional virtual servers to your platform as your company grows without the capital cost of additional hardware.
  • Consolidation
    You will utilise less hardware, less space and less power to operate same application environment.