Our IT services offer a range of remote access solutions such as access to your files and folders, access to your office machine or other Virtual Desktop implementations such as Microsoft Terminal Services.


  • Exploit the functionality that you have in the office while you are at home
  • Access your email securely from anywhere in the world
  • Share files, resources, printers and personnel over your VPN network

Home Use

Our IT support team can equip remote users with a fully managed and supported home desktop or notebook that mirrors the machines you use in your office environment. All the functionality that you enjoy in the office is available to you at your home location, including Outlook (rather than a web-based browser) for your email.

Your home machine will be accompanied by a VPN device, which gives you secure access to your office LAN, allowing you use of information stored there. This device will also be acting as a personal firewall, keeping unwanted intruders out of your home network.


If you choose to travel with your notebook, the same VPN client installed on a home machine will give you access to your office LAN and your email once you have logged onto the Internet, anywhere in the world. And if you don’t want to take a notebook with you, you can access your email (but not the LAN for security reasons) from any public use machine.


Virtual IT offers major benefits to companies with multiple locations. The VPN technology we install effortlessly connects your sites to allow you to share files, resources and printers.

However our VPN solution and 24 hour VPN support are only some of the invaluable advantages we can provide for our clients.