Openworld Solutions design all customer solutions with a strong emphasis on disaster recovery (DR) planning and IT support. Our advanced systems allow for data to be stored in an off-site secure data centre so should the worst happen, we are able to help you get your business back up and running with minimal disruption to your users.

Our various disaster recovery and IT support solutions include:-

  • Full nightly off-site backup
  • Ability to snapshot data on a 30 minute interval and store in a hosted environment. This “replication” of your systems can then be invoked to take over from your office network at 30 minute’s notice should your office be unavailable.
  • Ability to swap out any broken or faulty kit on your site such as servers or desktop machines

We are happy to look at your current environment to discuss how best to prepare for potential disasters or as part of a fully managed contract, Openworld Solutions can redesign your IT estate from scratch with DR planning at the core.