Openworld Solutions provides a range of IT services where we can work independantly or in collaboration with your staff. We have a wide range of skills where we can help you make important IT decisions or implement that new IT initiative that you simply cannot find the time to achieve. We are also very focused on helping you deliver these projects and implementations within a tight budget without sacrificing quality.

We have excellent experience and expertise in a number of areas including the following

  • Enterprise Virtualisation – this is a key area that many organisation are now assessing to make thier infrastructure more efficient and manageable. Often there is a lack of internal expertise and this is where Openworld Solutions can assist in both planning, deployment and support of appropriate solutions
  • Design/Implementation of high availability platforms – utilising the latest technology around Enterprise Virtualisation and advanced storage solutions, Openworld Solutions can help you – as we have with other high profile customers – design and implement highly resilient platforms.
  • Storage Solutions – data storage requirements are increasing year on year and the challenge is how to meet this demand. Too many people are trying to stretch thier existing servers but this can leave them exposed to downtime and even data loss. Openworld Solutions can help you choose the correct storage solution for your business needs
  • Disaster Recovery/Backup – from the very beginning our core solution has focused on providing DR and enterprise backup to our customers. We were in fact one of the first IT support companies to offer managed offsite backup to the Cloud. As such we are ideally placed to assist you with your DR and backup requirements
  • Active Directory Solutions – Openworld Solutions operates one of the largest distributed Active Directory networks in Europe. We have many years of experience and expertise in this area and have successfully assisted a number of external companies with thier AD deployments
  • VPN Solutions – with home working and satellite offices becoming more common, the neccessity for secure and reliable  interconnections with remote sites becomes ever more critical. Here at Openworld Solutions we have been implementing these connections with our customers for many years and can assist you with your VPN requirements
  • Server/Network/Desktop Infrastructure Upgrades – we have extensive experience over many years in managing infrastructure upgrade projects. Openworld Solutions can offer professional guidance on on how to achieve a smooth transition while focusing on meeting your budget requirements
  • Cloud/Hosted Solution Consultancy – Openworld Solutions have offered Cloud solutions for nearly 10 years. As such we are well placed to advise you on the right balance of solutions to move into the Cloud.
  • Desktop Management Solutions – we have extensive experience in this area particularly with remote support and auditing of large desktop environments and can assist you in choosing the appropriate tool for your business needs

We also have expertise in the following areas

  • SharePoint Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Enterprise Networking (Switches/Routers)
  • Wireless Solutions
  • System/Software Deployment Solutions
  • Office Relocation
  • Licensing Basic
  • VOIP Solutions
  • Security Solutions